How to Write a Winning Application for the Inspirational Educator Awards (INSEA) by Oluremi Tanimola (winner, Inspirational School Leader category 2017)

  • Approach this application with a deep sense of duty
  • Bring to book what makes you stand out as a teacher or a school leader
  • How have you affected your students differently?
  • How have you affected your colleagues differently?
  • Is there any sacrifice too big for all round success of your students?
  • Dear applicant, don’t delay in filling your application form
  • Ensure that you scan all the necessary documents and submit accordingly
  • Be real and be true in this application, i.e. don’t exaggerate
  • Submit your application early enough
    Finally, best wishes all the way

How to Write a Winning Application for the Inspirational Educator Awards (INSEA) by Abiodun Odueke (winner, Inspirational Teacher category 2017)

  • The application is what sells you, ensure you take it as serious as possible.
  • Before you start the application process, familiarise yourself with the forms and have a copy of the eligibility list and selection criteria for the award.
  • Make a checklist of all your achievements, innovative ideas, inspirational things you have done and all the requirements for the award.
  • Gather all documents needed and have them in soft copy.
  • Start filling the application forms early, cross out things on the checklist as you fill the forms and take breaks in between to gather your thoughts when needed.
  • Make your application look professional as possibly as you can, by arranging events in chronological order. Be consistent with the order used all through the application. This could make it easier for the judges to find information in the application.
  • When done with filling the application forms, proof read for errors (grammar, punctuations, unnecessary abbreviations, etc.) and edit as required.
  • Before submitting, ask someone to have a final look and edit if needed.
  • Do not assume it is okay to use people as your reference without informing them, inform your references and let them know that they might be contacted.